Our research can be divided into the three main research lines Search Based Software Engineering, Software Analytics, and Software Testing. Within those research lines, ongoing funded research projects include the following:

Start Name Project Title Funding SERG Principal Investigators
2019 AFL AI for Fintech Lab ING Arie van Deursen
2019 TestShift A Socio-Technical Shift in Software Testing NWO Vici Andy Zaidman
2019 UBRI Testing for Blockchain Ripple Annibale Panichella
2019 FASTEN Fine-grained analysis of software ecosystems (FASTEN) EU H2020 Georgios Gousios
2019 ML4SSE ML 4 Secure Software Engineering EEMCS Maurício Aniche, Arie van Deursen
2018 QIA Quantum Internet Alliance EU FET Arie van Deursen
2017 MIPL Mining Internet Payment Logs NWO Big Software, Adyen Arie van Deursen, Maurício Aniche
2016 CodeFeedr Next generation software analytics NWO Big Software, SIG Georgios Gousios
2016 DDS-ENG Data Science Engineering Roadmap Delft Data Science Arie van Deursen, Georgios Gousios
2016 STAMP Software Testing Amplification for DevOps EU H2020 Arie van Deursen, Andy Zaidman
2015 BSR Big Software on the Run 3TU NIRICT Arie van Deursen
2015 PCR Persistent Code Reviews NWO EW TOP1 Arie van Deursen, Alberto Bacchelli
2014 TestRoots Software evolution and developer testing NWO Vidi Andy Zaidman
2013 PROSE Professionalizing Spreadsheet Engineering STW, NWO TTW Arie van Deursen, Felienne Hermans
2012 GHTorrent Mining software engineering data from GitHub TU Delft, Microsoft Georgios Gousios

Past Research Projects

Start Name Project Title Funding SERG Principal Investigators
2017 SASQ Social Aspects of Software Quality 4TU NIRICT Andy Zaidman
2016 SENECA Software Engineering in Enterprise Cloud Applications EU Marie Curie Arie van Deursen, Alberto Bacchelli
2018 IPE Inclusive programming education for visually impaired children NWO ZonMw InZicht Felienne Hermans
2017 LPEE Language and Programming in Elementary Education NWO PVL Felienne Hermans
2016 EPSS End-user programming for Social Software NWO PVL Felienne Hermans
2015 LSSA Large Scale Spreadsheet Analysis BitBrains Felienne Hermans