The TU Delft Software Engineering Research Group has the following vacancies:

PhD student in Software Testing

The Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) has recently acquired a NWO Vici grant called TestShift. The Vici grant is the most prestigious personal research grant from the Dutch Science Foundation NWO and will reinforce the software testing research line at Delft University of Technology.

For this project we are seeking enthusiastic Master students interested in obtaining a PhD degree in the cross-section of software testing, human computer interaction, and socio-technical factors in software engineering. The prospective PhD student is expected to do high-quality research: coming up with creative solutions, working diligently to iron out all details and getting a deeper understanding, interacting with peers around the world, but also interacting with practitioners from both the open source and industrial domain to evaluate your research.

TestShift is rooted in empirical software engineering and will make use of research methods such as ethnography, longitudinal field studies and case studies.

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Contact: Andy Zaidman (

PhD / Postdoc on Machine learning for Software Engineering

Machine learning and AI have recently revolutionized research and practice in areas such as Image Processing, Natural Language Processing and autonomous systems. Recently, machine learning techniques, mostly stemming from the NLP domain, have been applied on software engineering problems, with promising results. Despite this, we are just at the beginning: the field is ripe with opportunity for high impact and exiting applications!

For this project, we are seeking both a PhD (4 years) and a PostDoc (2 years) to work on applying machine learning techniques in the context of dependency management. The goal is to come up with techniques to model, analyze and reason about problems with OSS library reuse, at the ecosystem level (e.g., analyzing the whole of Maven or PyPI) and use those techniques to come up with tools that will make dependenchy management safer.

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Contact: Georgios Gousios (