Within AFR, events are regularly organized, including a weekly team meeting at Cumulus Park, as well as frequent meet-ups.

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When          Title Speaker
2022-01-24 Innovation and Impact Workshop. AFR PhD students
2021-04-22 ICAI 3rd Anniversary. Arie van Deursen, Luís Cruz, Asterios Katsifodimos, Manisha Sethia, Bart van Oort
2020-11-26 Webinar: Data Management for AI. Elvan Kula, Jan Rellermeyer
2020-11-26 Lunch with ICAI Meetup: AI & the Service Industry in NL. Elvan Kula, Arie van Deursen, Maarten de Rijke
2020-11-09 Server-Side Experimentation: common challenges from 12 organisations in The Netherlands. Kevin Anderson
2020-10-26 Identifying Informative System Metrics. Pradyot Patil
2020-10-12 AI Model Lifecycle management. Yuanhao Xie
2020-10-05 Time Series Clustering at ING. Evert-Jan van Doorn, Wouter van ‘t Hof
2020-09-22 Using Machine Learning for Major Incident Detection. Thomas Kolenbrander
2020-09-14 Reducing Human Error in Online Controlled Experiments. Martijn Steenbergen
2020-07-20 Studying the ML Lifecycle and Improving Code Quality of ML Applications. Mark Haakman
2020-07-06 Planning for Potential: Safe and Efficient Reinforcement Learning. Floris den Hengst
2020-06-29 Story Point Estimation. Joaquin, Marius and Remco
2020-06-22 The Effectiveness of Supervised Machine Learning In Recommending Software Refactoring. Maurício Aniche
2020-06-16 The FASTEN project: More Intelligent Package Management. Georgios Gousios
2020-06-08 Capacity Management with Transaction Forecasting. Pınar Kahraman
2020-05-11 Why fairness can’t (and shouldn’t) be ‘solved’ by machine learning. (Slides) Cynthia Liem
2020-05-07 Pitch Night. Oliviana Bailey
2020-04-20 Selecting third-party libraries: The practitioners’ perspective. Enrique Larios
2020-04-14 Control in Automatic Text Summarization. (Slides) Azamat Omuraliev
2020-04-06 Text to SQL. Sara Salimzadeh
2020-03-23 How to Analyze Build Logs using Chunk Retrieval. (Slides) Carolin Brandt
2020-03-09 A Fairness-by-design framework for data-driven Automated Decision-making Systems. (Slides) Claudio Lonzo
2020-03-02 AI For Test Generation. (Slides) Pouria Derakhshanfar
2020-02-24 An Exploratory Study on the Life Cycle of ML Applications. Mark Haakman
2020-02-17 AB-Testing @ ING. Martijn Steenbergen
2020-02-10 Reproducing state-of-the-art schema matching algorithms. Andra Ionescu
2020-02-03 When will it be done? The what, who and how of timely software delivery. (Slides) Elvan Kula