Recent and upcoming activities


Modern software projects are more than just the code that comprises them: teams follow specific development processes; the code runs on servers or mobile phones and produces runtime logs; users talk about the software in forums like StackOverflow and GitHub and rate the product in app stores. The software is part of a collection of similar applications and depends on external code or service API’s to deliver its functionality. Modern software teams need data to make informed decisions that enable continuous, feedback-driven improvement.

At the Software Analytics lab, we work to make software analytics a core asset for software development teams. Our research touches topics such as computer-supported collaborative work (CSCW), big data systems, software engineering processes, software reliability, software analysis and data science.

Currently, we focus on the following 3 research lines, even though we are always open for new ideas:

  • Engineering for (software) analytics: creating platforms for data ingestion, integration and querying in a streaming fashion. Related projects:

    • Codefeedr A platform to ingest and process software analytics data in a streaming fashion.
    • TravisTorrent Collects Travis build data, combines them with GHTorrent and offers them back to the research community.
    • GHTorrent Collects all data from the
  • Software ecosystems: We build ecosystem wide, versioned call graphs out of package networks to make studies such as precise security vulnerability tracking, software license tracking, data-based API evolution etc possible.

  • Software reliability analytics: We work to make APIs more reliable by combining static analysis with search-based test generation.

The following slides give a high level overview of our recent work:


The following people are part of the Software Analytics lab:

  • Georgios Gousios (Lab leader)
  • Arie van Deursen (Mentor, Leader of the Software Engineering group)
  • Moritz Beller (Postdoc, working on build analytics)
  • Maria Kechagia (Postodoc, working on API reliability)
  • Enrique Larios Vargas (Postdoc, working on productivity analytics)
  • Joseph Hejderup (PhD student, working on ecosystem analysis/tics)


The lab collaborates with the following people / organizations:

Student collaborators

SAL is always open to host briliant MSc/BSc students to work on the exiting topics we offer. Currently, SAL has the priviledge to host the following students:

  • Elvan Kula (MSc student, working on rapid release analytics)
  • Niels van Kaam (MSc student, working on streaming systems)

  • Wouter Zorgdrager (BSc student, working on Codefeedr)
  • Joris Quist (BSc student, working on Codefeedr)


The following people where part of the Software Analytics lab:

  • Jos Kuijpers (BSc student, worked on Codefeedr)